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General Overview

PANAMIN AGRO® is a 100% natural, complex-action growth, foliar immunostimulator and fertilizer, intended for application in plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and crops of all kind. Through the release of (CO2), Calcium, and (MgCO3), photosynthesis is speeded up and extended, while (SiO2) increases the plants' immune response, favorably affecting the pH-level in the soil and plants. Unique Austrian raw materials, with no heavy metals, rich in active macro and micronutrients, ​produced from the best quality of volcanic rocks and minerals. We comply with the highest production standards and requirements for organic and conventional cultures and produce. Offering to both user and culture, a super-modern distinctive bio preparation, achieved through standard manner of application. After many years of intensive development and application in countries with heavy duty climatic and soil conditions, we succeeded to show in a number of demonstrations that it is possible not only to achieve higher yields and enhanced quality, but at the same time to reduce spending for plant protection and conventional fertilizers. Our innovative grinding technology allows us to reduce the particles to a nano level of 50 times smaller than the human hair, (0,1 – 6 μm) contributing to the product’s optimal absorption by plants.


PANAMIN AGRO® remineralises soil and plants in a biological and organic way, by optimizing the pH level and availability of the elements in the plants. Most nutritious substances for plants feature optimal solubility within the pH range between 5,5 and 7,0. With increasing pH levels, the available Nitrogen (N), Sulphur (S), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), and Magnesium (Mg) increases, Molybdenum (Mb) also increases. On the contrary, the solubility of the micro nutritious substances Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) decreases, therefore, with pH levels above 7,0, shortage may occur. We optimally increase the pH level and the plants' capability of naturally absorbing the micro and macroelements of PANAMIN AGRO®.


No.12: Magnesium
No.15: Phosphorus
No.16: Sulfur
No.19: Potassium
No.20: Calcium


No.14: Silicon
No.23: Vanadium
No.24: Chromium
No.25: Manganese
No.26: Iron
No.29: Copper
No.30: Zinc
No.42: Molybdenum

SiO2      - 29,29           P2O5   -   0,05
K2O       -   1,21           MgO     -   3,23
MgCO3 -   6,76           CaCO3 - 27,96
TiO2      -   0,16           Cu    -    0,0008
Na2O     -   0,68           Zn    -    0,0015
Fe           - 0,152           SO3 -         0,01

pH-value = 8,8
Content measured in percentage*

Technical Overview

Thanks to its natural origin and exclusively fine particles, the components of PANAMIN AGRO® are absorbed completely and stored in the stalk of the plant. During the leaf penetration, the natural decomposition of (CaCO3) and (MgCO3) results in the plant storing naturally bound (CO2) , ​which speeds up, strengthens and extends the period of photosynthesis.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

At temperatures above 82º F, (CO2) lifts upward and the plants do not fully photosynthesize in the period between 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Because of the stocked up supply of naturally bound (CO2), PANAMIN AGRO® helps plants to continue photosynthesize, even under such conditions, for 15 more days as a minimum.

The action of this fertilization is additionally intensified by the nutritious substances (CaO, Fe, Si, Mn, Mg) contained in it.

1 lbs. PANAMIN AGRO® = 73 l gas (CO2)!
(CO2)  = Photosynthesis (CO2 = C+O2 )  

Schematic presentation of coagulation:​​​​​​​

Organic Function

The increase of glucose synthesis makes plants tolerant to frost and freezing.
The regulation of the stomata as a result of storing (CO2) reduces moisture transpiration and makes plants drought-resistant.

• Net and gross velocity of photosynthesis, system 1 and 2
• Turgor, adenozin triphosphatase,Calvin cycle, ​ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase
• Strengthening of the cellular walls (chloroplasts and chlorophyll)
• Solution of microelements: (Fe), (Zn), (Mg) and more!
• Immune system
• Water cycle: Xylem/ Phloem, transpiration/respiration
• Biomass and root system, synthesis of glucose
• The availability of sufficient amount of (CO2) results in continuous closing of the stomata, preventing moisture loss and virus penetration.
• To produce one molecule of (CO2), the plant consumes 100 molecules of water. 

Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)

Regardless of whether the plant is subject to biotic or abiotic stress, the first response in its struggle to survive is the production of one of the basic phytohormones – SILICON ACID (SA).

(Si) is the second best distributed element on Earth and one of the most important elements for plant development. It improves cell structure and strongly reduces fungi pathogen growth. Improves tolerability to stress and resistance to pests (diseases and foes). (SiO2) stimulates energy levels and root system (viruses do not penetrate through stomata). Bamboo contains 77 % of (SiO2) and it's fiber is 2-3 times stronger than timber. It is both strong and flexible. 

* Si with abiotic stress:

A number of studies confirm that the effect of (Si) increases the water content and the amount of dry substance in plants and confirm its role in enhancing the tolerability to drought and other types of abiotic stress, by triggering its anti-oxidant mechanisms. It has also been proven that Si maintains optimal water potential in the cell by regulating its osmotic pressure, as well as on chlorophyll biosynthesis. The plants treated with (Si) increase their drought tolerability, through better accumulation of (CO2), low transpiration level, preservation of water leaf potential through (Si) directly influence stomata regulation. Not last, (Si) plays an important role in taking-up and transporting nutritious substances in case of drought. It also increases the quantity of (K) and (Ca) in the leaves and roots and improves assimilation of (P) , (Fe) and (Mn).

* Si with biotic stress:

Studies have proven that (Si) enhances plant immunity to diseases and insects through the direct participation in the stability mechanisms. Once accumulated in plants, it creates mechanical and physical barriers to feeding up and development of insects. − the strong crowding of trichomes and the increase of their strength, as well as a double cuticula layer, which impedes the attack, mobility, proliferation and feeding-up of pests. − the (Si)-formed double layer acts as a protective factor for direct penetration of pathogens through the cuticula. (Si) participates directly in stomata regulation,which reduces the possibility for pathogen penetration into the plant tissue. Moreover, the specially chosen (Si) contained in PANAMIN AGRO® accumulates the (N) and (K) available in plants and releases it slowly – a kind of buffer. And what is more, water-storage capacity increases 300 times. 

Calcium(Ca) and Magnesium(Mg)

Without (Ca) there is no growth, and without (Mg) there is no proper quality and stability. In nature, calcium exists only in bound form as mineral component and must be separated. In this field, we carried out many researches to confirm that the (CaO) and (MgO), contained in PANAMIN AGRO®, are of exclusive quality and in a best-to-assimilate form. (Ca) strengthens the cell wall: 

* Calcium strengthens the cell wall:

It is widely known that cultures containing 0.5 % (Ca) are deemed to be sufficiently provided. Since plants take up nutritious substances from soil, the pH level and (Ca) content of the soil are of utmost importance. (Ca) is hardly transported inside plants, therefore, a continuous (Ca) supply is more than required for strengthening the cell walls and membranes.

* Magnesium attributes to the plants' quality, strength, elasticity and tolerability to stress:

​​It assists with the assimilation of (Ca) and other micro and macronutrients. (Mg) is an exclusively important component for photosynthesis, and a main part of the structure of chlorophyll, which maintains the green color of the leaves. (Mg) deficit results in yield reduction, and higher sensitivity to plant diseases. (Ca) and (Mg) are indispensable nutritious substances for all crops.
• Increase immunity and tolerability to any kind of plant stress.
• Produce quality increases drastically.
• Both elements have synergetic action with respect to plant assimilation.

pH values and soil structure

The action of PANAMIN AGRO® in soils with improper (low/high) pH levels is exceptionally simple. With numerous demonstrations, we succeeded to prove that the low pH level can be increased and the high pH level can be decreased. And all that can be done by one action. The seeming paradox consists in that, namely in limy soils, such as, for instance in Crimea, the very high level of pH may be reduced by lime only. Because of the (CO2) prevailing with us, on one hand, reduces the level to the limit of (CaO) action, and on the other hand, (CaO) increases it to the limit of (CO2) action. The continuously same (CaO) to (CO2) ratio makes this possible. Jointly, the two active substances provide optimal pH level to the soil, which ultimately influences the plant. Apart from this, we know that the pH level may be very inhomogeneous. Across one acre, the pH level may vary widely. With PANAMIN AGRO®, you can succeed to equalize the pH levels, and succeed to increase them optimally. And when this happens, all micronutrients contained in the soil may be deployed.

* Fine grinding:

Scientific calculations show that fine grinding creates a large exchange-active surface. Thus, with rough lime with fraction of 1 mm, one gram may cover a surface of 0.0527 ft2. With PANAMIN AGRO®, however, this figure is up to 86 ft2 by one gram, with the acting 8.361 billion particles/ft2! Carbonates and Silicates are soluble only in acid soil, on account of which, with these types of limes, the grinding degree is particularly important.


​​*Advantages for the plants:

• Tolerability to drought
• Tolerability to freezing
• Boosted immunity to pest (diseases and foes) attacks
• Quicker growth and denser green mass
• Significant improvement of the root system
• Improvement of the plant’s immune system
• Growth stimulator


• Organically (biologically) pure yield!
• Significant increase of plant protection!
• Products without residual substances!

*Safe application:

• Application interval of 10-14 days from phase 4-6 leaf, at temperature of 46-82ºF
• No protection clothes required
• No overdosing possible
• No validity term
• For all crops! ​ (recommended solution concentration 0.5 %)


• Improvement of soil structure!
• Optimization of the pH value of soil and plants
• Guarantee for solubility of the micro and macroelements!


• Significantly increased yields (10-40 %)
• Extended storage period – up to 200 %
• Homogeneous yield – 80 % of the yield may be sold at the highest price
• Better quality and better taste due to the higher content of glucose


• (SiO2) – immunostimulator to fight biotic and abiotic stress
• (CO2) – for photosynthesis and fresh green color + almost no diseases
• (CaO) helps where required, stimulates growth
• Magnesium – quality, strength and immunity


​​• When mixed with other preparations always added last.
• Dissolved in the sprinkler mixer or in a separate vessel - to homogeneous mixture.
• Time/temperature: morning/evening, at temperatures of 46-82ºF.
• To be protected from rain for 2-4 hours.
• PANAMIN AGRO® may be sprinkled individually or together with all conventional plant protection means, whereas the pH level of the solution should not be less than 3.4
* The only exception is made by preparations, which are sprinkled in acid solutions.
With these preparations, PANAMIN AGRO® is not mixed because a reaction of calcium occurs.

• Exclusively easy to dissolve, does not pollute machines.
• Compatible for use with all types of preparations and fertilizers, except for acid-based ones (<pH 3,4).

Per 10 000 sq ft*

Autumn crops

2 or 3 times x 5.25oz
Total oz  10.5 - 15.75
6.5 Gallons of H2O per 5.25oz

Fruits and vegetable

5 x 5.25oz
Total - 26.25 oz
6.5 Gallons of H2O per 5.25oz

Etheric-oil crops

4 x 5.25oz
Total - 21 oz
6.5 Gallons of H2O per 5.25oz 


6 x 5.25oz 
Total - 31.5 oz
6.5 Gallons of H2O per 5.25oz

Beans and chickpea

 4 x 5.25oz
Total - 21 oz
6.5 Gallons of H2O per 5.25oz

Spring crops

2 x 5.25oz
Total - 10.5 oz
6.5 Gallons of H2O per 5.25oz 


5 g /0.18 oz per 1 l /33 fl oz of H2O

^Seed treatment:

5 g/ 0.18 oz per 1 kg /35 oz of seeds

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